Your stylist wants YOU to join the Hair Mafia

There’s no doubt that the hair industry is seriously glamorous, and with icons like Brigitte Bardot and Jennifer Aniston, it’s easy to see why. Beautiful hair can completely transform a woman from the outside in, giving her a bold confidence she never knew she had.

But there’s a dirty secret that’s hiding… and that secret is detrimental to the livelihood of stylists and salon owners. The salon industry is incredibly fragmented and lacks control and systems. My Best Friend’s Hair created the Hair Mafia to bring together stylists and allow them to have a platform to speak about what’s important to them and their livelihoods. My Best Friend’s Hair wants to shed much-needed light on industry problems, including salon product diversion.

What’s product diversion? We’ve all seen it: the Redken, Fekkai, and Matrix products on the shelves at CVS, Target…hell, even at Nordstrom Rack. At first, name brand products seem easily accessible, and purchasing at these outlets seems like a way to save some cash. It seems too good to be true… and it is.

If a salon product isn’t purchased at an actual salon or through the brand’s website, the manufacturer cannot guarantee that it hasn’t been tampered with, diluted, expired, or stolen. Though it appears that you’re getting a deal, most diverted products are $2-3 more expensive than the products sold at salons.

Worst of all, when salon products are purchased outside of the salon, the stylists suffer. Because stylists and salons make 17% percent of their income from product sales, it hurts them each time you purchase products elsewhere. It’s clear that there is only one winner when it comes to diversion – it isn’t you, and it surely isn’t your stylist.

My Best Friend’s Hair has spent two years researching the effects of diversion and has created a unique and powerful solution. They’re hosting an exciting event on March 2nd to unveil this new tool for stylists and consumers to combat diversion together.

Please join My Best Friend’s Hair, the Hair Mafia, and Indianapolis’ leading beauty professionals at The Speak Easy on March 2nd for an event that’s one part pep rally, one part hair and fashion show, and one part swanky cocktail party. My Best Friend’s Hair is thrilled to partner with sponsors like Pattern, Kenra Professional, retro 101, and Just Pop In!, as well as feature DJ Topspeed to get guests groovin’.

To learn more and RSVP for the March 2nd event, please visit For more resources on product diversion, please visit My Best Friend’s Hair.

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