Spring 2021 Print Edition Submission Guidelines

We are looking for strong fashion and beauty editorial submissions. Want ideas, here are 100s of them!

Submission deadline is Tuesday, December, 2020. Accepted submissions will be notified by August 14. Please share submissions with polinaosherov@gmail.com.

See specific submission guidelines below. We strongly encourage you (the photographer!) to review our past issues to better understand the types of fashion editorials that we look for.

Fashion Editorial Submission Requirements:

The guidelines below are for PHOTOGRAPHERS & STYLISTS only. Models, makeup artists, hairdressers who are interested in being included in an editorial submission shoot, please connect with one of the local fashion/lifestyle photographers to share your interest. Fashion brands/designers interested in being included, please submit your info HERE.

  • Preference is given to photographers with strong ties to or living and working in the Midwest, but all entries will be considered.
  • Editorial must contain at least 5 different looks (outfits) per model. The clothing should reflect the upcoming season’s trends. As always, the images must convey a cohesive storyline, trend or concept.
  • We ask that you use a variety of designers and brands as opposed to just one brand or designer.
  • Please submit low-res jpg files along with crew and clothing credits
  • Please submit 10 images (2 for each look)
  • Submission must include a complete list of crew including model agencies. Some common crew credits are as listed here for you. Please make sure what you send over looks EXACTLY like the way we have it below including the order of credits. 
  • Photography by _____________
    Photography assistant _____________
    Style by _________________
    Hair by _____________
    Makeup by _____________
    Nails by _______________
    Retouched by _____________
    Models: First name and first initial of last name of model (agency name)If there were multiple people helping in any of the roles, use commas to separate their names. ie. Makeup by Sandy Patty, Marie Curie & Emma ThompsonIf any of the crew/talent are being repped by a talent agency or a salon, please be sure to include that as well. ie. Hair by Tom Brown (Salon 01)

Some tips to maximize your chances of being selected:

  • Use professional fashion models
  • Use high end fashion brands and independent designers. Feel free to mix in fast fashion brand
  • Again: Do not use the same brand/designer for the entire shoot
  • Please don’t crop the images ( we know that some images look better cropped, but because of the layout/design process we really need them uncropped. You are welcome to include 2 versions of the same image. One that is a suggested crop and one uncropped, and we will do our best to match your crop suggestion)

Other things to keep in mind:

If you are accepted for publication, we will ask for the following:

  • Files must be submitted via a Dropbox link to polinaosherov@gmail.com. Folder must be titled: “YOUR NAME, Fall 2019,” or via WeTransfer.
  • Submitted files must be retouched, uncropped, hi-res CMYK jpgs, 20 inches @300dpi or approx 8-10MB per file.

Please include the clothing credits along with the crew credits as a text editable document (word doc or text file. NO PDF files!) with your proofs. ie. in the same dropbox folder. DO NOT TEXT THE CREDITS!! The credit should list the item and the item brand, (store name where items can be purchased is optional). Please use commas (NOT DASHES OR SEMI-COLONS) to separate the item, from the brand, and the store, and start each new item on a new line. 

Like this: Look 1

Mesh top, Alexander McQueen, Nordstrom
Pleated pant, Vivienne Westwood, Nordstrom
Boots, Steve Madden, Macy’sList items the model is wearing from top to bottom, starting from hats, and ending with shoes.

Very important: Rename your files to match each look credit, ie. BobSmithLook1.jpg, BobSmithLook2.jpg, BobSmithLook3.jpg. If you are submitting multiple file options for each look, then the file names should look like this:

BobSmithLook1a.jpg, BobSmithLook1b.jpg…you get the idea.

You will receive digital tears of your shoot once the magazine is launched. If you would like a hard copy of the magazine, don’t forget to include your mailing address along with the crew credit information.