Street Style Vol. 14

by Rebecca Shehorn

Name: Elizabeth Sparrow

What brings you to Mass Ave today in this hot weather? Oh, well I always stop by here for a coffee. It’s my hanging out spot.

What sorts of things do you like to do around Indianapolis? I like to thrift shop, and I’m an avid bike rider so I’m always on the road. I spend a lot of time with my kids and I help out with my kids’ school. I work at the YMCA over here, watching children. I stay in the city pretty much.

What is your favorite thrift store? Uhm Value World, it’s fantastic! It’s the best.

Tell me a little bit about your outfit? I think it might be a Laura Ashley dress. I found it at the thrift store and it was just so beautiful and it was so nicely made, so I thought I just have to take that and fix it up. So that’s what I do with all my clothes. I only shop thrift, even shoes. I keep my underclothes new of course, but for everything else I use the thrift store. So I just picked it up and started working on it. And I think I was sitting right here (outside of Starbucks on Mass Ave) doing my mending work and my little stitching work. I bring my work down here and just sit down outside.

I love your earrings! Where did you get them? I just got back from Rome yesterday, and I found these and they were just so splendid. I just love the little lines through them, they remind me of the circus. And I think they were made in Venice. They were a nice little find.

So since you make all of your own clothes, are you a seamstress? I picked it up through my youth, and I also took some lessons when I was young. I’m a graphic designer, and since I’ve started my family I’ve kind of put that to the side and done more art.

Do you sell any of your creations or clothing? I do occasionally, I don’t have a lot of time to work. I don’t have a line or a product to sell in mass. Like right now I have work in Silver in the City. I most just sell art and keep the fashion to myself. I sell them to friends of mine, or to people who are interested.

Do you see yourself making it a career in the future? I kind of do! And especially just coming back from Italy, I realized that that’s sort of thing I think about the most. Like I love doing art, but when I think about working on clothes, that’s where my heart is. I just love it so much more. I came back inspired and wanted to head into my studio right away and get into my fabrics.

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