StreetExpo Brand Highlight: Wild N’ Sexy Clothing

Daki Glumac, owner of Wild N’ Sexy Clothing and originally from Serbia, moved to Indiana when he was 10 years old. It was in Indiana where he studied graphic design at IUPUI and gathered inspiration for his “wild” creations. In 2013, he launched his brand online, quickly getting a following in Europe and around the US. Then in March of 2016, he opened his brick and mortar store in the Circle Centre Mall. In anticipation of Pattern’s StreetExpo, I stopped by the storefront to interview him amidst walls and racks filled with acid wash jeans, bright colored tops and wildly printed and lighted shoes.

McKenzie Price: Please describe the motive or message behind your brand.

Daki Glumac: Be wild, be original. Be totally different from everybody else.

MP: What prompted you to share this idea through your business?

DG:I thought there was a lack of unique clothing out, especially here in Indy. Everybody does little t-shirt lines, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody out of Indy come out with a full clothing line. Where they do cut and sew and stuff like that, from the fabric on up, especially with shoes. I just wanted to bring something different to the table.


MP: What are some of the main challenges you face as an entrepreneur?

DG: Finding the right person to make the clothes and communication barriers. The shoes I get are all made in Italy and there are time differences. When it’s daytime here, it’s night time there so you gotta stay up in the middle of the night just to communicate with them. It’s so long distance, and getting your ideas to them without being face to face and without being able to describe it is challenging.

MP: What is the biggest reward you experience as an entrepreneur?

DG: Being able to see your drawings come to life, especially the shoes. It’s crazy, you can draw it how you want it to be and the way to make it. You get to pick out all the materials and everything and feeling it on your foot. It feels good.

MP: What do you think Indianapolis can do to support more local brands?

DG: What Pattern is doing, throwing the street expo. Really just having more opportunities for people to get together.

MP: Describe the kind of person who would wear your product.

DG: When I first started making the clothes, I started making like really wild stuff. It was something totally different that you wouldn’t be able to wear to work, so it would be somebody that’s on the weekends everybody would be looking at. People would say, “Oh, that’s wild.” That’s the first word I wanted to come out of their mouth when they see it. So basically, somebody that wants to be different and is not scared of people looking at them. After time, I’ve made more items that are more calmed down for the regular people, just because everybody has a different style, different taste. I wanted to cater to more than just those wild people.

MP: Who is one person you’d love to see in your brand?

DG: I’ve had a few celebrities in it already like Young Buck, Fetty Wap, TK and Kash, Meek Mill. My favorite artist is 50 cent, to see him in it would be awesome. Females like Kylie Jenner just because she’s poppin right now, she’s different.

MP: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

DG: Just ask for help. You gotta reach out to do different people, people who are already doin’ it, especially publications like Pattern. If you don’t reach out people are not gonna come to you and ask for your stuff. A lot of the people here that are doin’ stuff, they’ll think that just by posting that up on Instagram and Facebook that’s gonna get the job done, but it’s not. You gotta go out there and ask for help, it’s hard.

MP: How do you hope your brand will evolve in future years?

DG: I’m really trying to focus on shoes now. Just because the clothing is so overpopulated right now and everybody is doin’ it and you just run into store and get other brands in and it takes a lot of time for me even making my own designs nowadays. I really wanna stick to the shoes and push that out there and hopefully make that the main point for what I’m trying to do.

*photo by Julie Valentine
*photo by Julie Valentine

MP: How do think celebrity endorsed streetwear is influencing modern street style?

DG: The Kanye and the Rihanna stuff if it wasn’t them behind it, it would not be as big as it is. If some random person or like me came out with those design of the Yeezys, people would not like it as much as they like it because it’s Kanye. When they see the person they listen to on a daily basis, or look up to, wearing this everybody else is gonna go and wear it.

Follow Wild N’ Sexy on Instagram. Clients can contact Daki through the store website or visit his store front on the third level of the Circle Centre Mall.

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