Ah, the comforts of home. I think everyone has those moments when you really don’t want to leave the house; everything is so comfortable, so familiar, and so intimate that anything external is an intrusion. Some days, you wish you could take home with you where ever you go. Peter Copping understands how you feel and to the extent your concept of home matches his concept of home, he has you covered with this fall/winter Nina Ricci collection.

Copping is almost as much about interior design as he is fashion design and he has very strongly mixed the two with a set of very comfortable and engaging looks based on some of his favorite interior concepts. That’s not saying that the clothes look as though one is wearing the wallpaper, which we have seen on a couple of instances this season, but rather he has brought the softness of supple fabrics and gentle prints together with loose, casual silhouettes that have one sighing almost at first sight. These are clothes one can wear every day and never grow tired of the wardrobe.

Colors run darker, as fits the season. Violet on silk, deep plums and cherry, and midnight blues in which one wants to wrap up are the call of the day. Of course, this wouldn’t be Peter Copping if there weren’t flowers and we find them here in very gentle embroidery and the softest of prints, and ultimately in the gorgeous lace that rounds out the collection. Fabrics tend to stay on the soft side with a lot of silk in the dresses and brushed cotton in the coats. There is ample use of leather as well, but it is well worked so as to be soft and flexible, not the stiff and rigid panels one often sees.

Draping plays a strong role in this collection. Copping doesn’t go too much for large, bulky shapes, but doesn’t let anything get too terribly tight, either. Dropped waists are in abundance, as well as the softest of pleats and very careful, casual folds. Coats and jackets almost give one the feeling of having just yanked a blanket off the couch and wrapped it around the shoulders before going out.

Day wear dominates most of what we see, primarily office professional separates and dresses that are strongly feminine without being too aggressive, but there’s also a tremendous amount of sheer and lace for after 5 and evening wear. Some of the pieces toward the end are such I’m not sure whether he intends for them to be worn out or to entice someone to stay in for the evening. Obviously, Copping thinks home can be comfortable and sexy at the same time.

Peter Copping may have designed his strongest Nina Ricci collection to date with what he shows this season. There is definitely a lot here that has broad appeal and is highly wearable. I would expect to see plenty of these pieces available in stores this fall.

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