Here it is the second of October and Paris’ Orly and Charles De Gaulle airports are already experiencing a mass exodus as the editors, bloggers, models, and photographers that have been omnipresent (and possibly a wee bit annoying) all across Europe the past month begin to head for their homes. Beginning Friday, everyone takes a week’s vacation, or at least minimizes the schedule, before starting work on spring campaigns. It’s been a long month that has, as always, seen its share of excitement and disappointments.

Last on my schedule is Miu Miu, the less-expensive, youth-oriented label from Miuccia Prada. For those who have problems handling the avant garde of Prada’s main line, Miu Miu is often a more palatable choice. In that regard, this spring/summer 2014 collection doesn’t disappoint. However, one might question exactly whether this was a spring/summer collection or a prelude to next fall.

Set on a multi-surface runway surrounded by wallpaper prints featuring the line’s visual themes for this season – cockatoos, black cats, and colorful iris blooms – the first thing one is likely to notice about this collection is that there are a LOT of coats. Beautiful, attractive, and super-stylish coats, mind you, but every one of them lined and more often than not coming all the way down to the knee.

Perhaps Ms. Prada is forecasting a very cool summer season. Not only does the line come equipped with an over-abundance of coats, nearly every look came with knit lace leggings, and several added knee-length lace-up boots. All one needs are gloves and scarves to be ready for snow!

When we were actually given a glimpse under those coats, we were treated to separates in pastels, crocheted sweaters, short PVC skirts, thick crocheted jumpers, and even a few darling little spaghetti-strapped prom dresses. The final few looks riffed on variations of a black cat print, with beaded fringe that made a delightful little swooshing sound as it passed.

Miu Miu is a great collection for Midwest sensibilities. Definitely more conservative than the Prada line, there’s nothing here that’s likely to upset Mom and Dad too terribly much (unless you make the mistake of leaving the receipt out where they can see it). A few bright red pieces are as loud as the palette gets; the rest are soft, brushed pastels. What gets attention is the impeccable styling of the coats and, I’ll just go ahead and call it now, that cat print is going to be a best seller.

One place that might be worth some caution: When not in the knee-length boots, models were wearing patent leather mary janes. Not a bad look, mind you, but what I noticed was that when walking on the carpeted portion of the runway, a low pile shag, the girls had difficulty making turns. Several seemed to almost twist their ankles as they attempted to turn. There didn’t seem to be an issue anywhere other than on the carpet, but one might do well to consider their environment when making a purchase.

That’s it, boys and girls. We say good-bye to Paris and personally, I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my pillow over the next few days. The good news is that February isn’t all that far away! We’ll look forward to covering fall/winter collections with you then!

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