Pattern Magazine vol. 8 Launch Party Red Carpet

We had a great evening, last Saturday, celebrating the launch of our 8th issue! Thank you to everyone who came out, and to those who couldn’t make it but sent their congratulations and well wishes!

The evening was made possible by all the amazing volunteers who have contributed and continue contributing to Pattern, sharing their diverse talents and helping us spread the word about how awesome Indianapolis really is!

We appreciate our sponsors and community partners for augmenting our efforts and helping us continue in our mission to cultivate education and economic development opportunities for the fashion community, as well as the broader ‘maker’ community in Central Indiana.

Congratulations to Josh Driver for winning the $1000 gift card Moyer Fine Jewelers raffle and thank you to everyone else who donated and bought tickets; With your help we were able to raise close to $3500 to go towards keeping the Pattern Workshop, up and running!

A big thank you to Elese Keturah Photography for capturing some of our guests on the red carpet!

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