Pattern Magazine, Vol. 7 Won’t Stop!

The newest issue of Pattern magazine with Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan on the cover, is off to the printer, and now we can whole-heartedly turn our attention to planning the launch party which is scheduled for the evening of March 14! As you already know, the magazine is an effort undertaken entirely by volunteers and as we head into our fourth year as a publication, I am ever more astonished by the commitment, diligence and generosity of our editorial team and all the contributors. What started out as a conversation between Kathy Davis and I about creating a fun, fashion portfolio piece, has turned into an award-winning, and internationally distributed publication that is growing in momentum and reach with each new issue. CRAY-zeeee!! (Alas, our ever-growing acclaim has not translated into any kind of a profit…yet.)

I am both grateful and amazed by what our creative community has accomplished. It’s no small point of pride for me to hear people speak of the magazine as one of the few cultural artifacts that Indianapolis possesses that is both portable and incredibly potent. When people who are otherwise unfamiliar with Indianapolis flip through Pattern magazine it completely changes their perception of our city, its culture and potential. This is such an important benefit to our region that we shouldn’t quit creating this magazine until everyone knows how awesome Indy is!  At the same time, it’s hard to imagine continuing to publish the magazine without any paid staff, especially as the Pattern team is about to embark on a whole new adventure – RUCKUS, the Makerspace and the Pattern Fashion Accelerator Project which will be part of RUCKUS.

As much as everyone enjoys contributing and LOVES the outcome, ultimately, it’s too much work for our editorial team to continue indefinitely without revenue and/or ongoing financial support. Raising the 30K that it costs to print each issue, is a monumental task, made infinitely harder by not having a single sales person on our team.

To that end, and because the feedback has been overwhelmingly in favor of us continuing to publish the magazine, we are taking steps to find additional ways to help raise funds for our operational costs.

First, you’ll notice that the cover price of the magazine is going to go up from $10 to $15. Our research into similar publications supports the hike, and we hope you agree that it’s worth every penny. Notably, the price of the annual subscription, will NOT increase, so now it makes more sense than ever to become a subscriber!

Second, our upcoming launch will also double up as our first ever fundraiser! With our limited resources, we’ve never had the time to plan a stand-alone fundraising event – nothing’s changed there, except that we’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone, and combine the launch and the fundraiser. What that means is that tickets to the launch party are priced to reflect our fundraising goals, however, thanks to help from our event partners, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IndyCar, REV event and Millionaire Gallery, and our presenting sponsor Felix & Iris, the party is going to be our swankiest and most memorable yet! Because the event is a fundraiser, a portion of the ticket price will be tax deductible, and to sweeten the deal, we’re GIVING everyone who attends a copy of the newest issue of the magazine at no additional cost! Oh and if you decide to attend, VIP style, drinks are on us, ALL.NIGHT.LONG! There’s more, but I fear I might be losing you with this rather long post, so please check out EVENTBRITE ticket page  for more details about what to expect on March 14. 🙂

Needless to say, we are pumped for the launch of the magazine, for the party and for this coming year – some incredible things on the horizon for our entire community of creatives! I hope you join us to celebrate on March 14!

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