Pamela Roland SS 19

With news cycles being what they are, people protesting one thing or another, shootings on an all too frequent basis, natural disasters left and right, it is quite natural that a person might want to escape somewhere quiet, somewhere slightly exotic, someplace where one might, at least temporarily shut out the worries of the world and enjoy the natural beauty. With her spring/summer 2019 collection, Pamella Roland is suggesting that Bali might be just the place for that kind of escape and if we can’t all go there we can at least pretend.

Of course, if this is your first time around, let’s be very clear that Pamella Roland does evening wear. What one chooses to wear before 5:00 is going to have to come from a different designer. After 5, though, she has a woman covered in a collection of dresses that range from the exotic to the architectural.

Quick geography lesson: Bali is a fairly large island in the Indian Ocean and a province of Indonesia. It is home to some four million people who make up Indonesia’s largest Hindu population. Beaches in Bali are legendary for their exotic beauty and it has long been a popular vacation spot for those willing to go to the trouble of getting there. Bali is an ancient civilization and a UNESCO World Heritage site but it’s also very modern and hosts some amazing contemporary architecture. Many of those influences, both in terms of silhouettes, colors, and choices of fabrics are present in Roland’s collection.

For example, take the opening piece, truly unique within this set, composed primarily of lime green ostrich feathers. Green is not only a dominant color in Bali’s natural setting, but the forests there are home to many exotic animals. While the dress itself might be a bit too daring for some, it would fit in quite well in a soiree on the island.

Of course, there is all manner of different embellishments on Roland’s dresses. Everything from delicate beadwork to gold thread embroidery to floral applique. Roland indulges in long, flowing capes, and flared sleeves. Every piece has a touch of drama because this is not a wardrobe one wears to go unnoticed.

With a bright color palette dominated by bright yellows and greens, the wonderful experience of the island sweeps across each look. Along the way, Roland manages to toss in a suit or two, a slightly deconstructed jacket, and some shorter dresses likely to appeal to a younger audience.

Here are some additional samples from the collection:

Pamella Roland RTW Spring 2019

Pamella Roland RTW Spring 2019

Pamella Roland RTW Spring 2019

Pamella Roland RTW Spring 2019

Pamella Roland RTW Spring 2019

While this is as lovely a collection as Ms. Roland has ever produced, the challenge, as always, is finding a suitable occasion where one can wear one of these incredible pieces without showing up everyone else at the event. Although, perhaps the entire point is to be just that noticeable. In that case, this is the perfect wardrobe for you.

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