I am finding it very difficult to describe this Badgely Mischka in terms of a single collection. On one hand, there is the daywear collection that is very luxe, full of beautiful suits and dresses that one might wear to the office or to dinner depending on the style. Then, there are the gowns, the formal wear that has been very popular on red carpets around the world. Previous seasons have seen some continuity between those two portions of the collection. This year, however, they couldn’t be more different. Perhaps that is because the label is celebrating its 25th anniversary and wanted to re-visit some of their formal looks. Certainly, there are some familiar silhouettes in the group. What I’m hoping, though, is that he’s considering separating the two portions into separate brands, a move which I think would serve both sides better.

Focusing on the daywear, what we see is a collection of dresses and separates for the woman who wants to be quite sharply dressed regardless of the situation. Yes, there is a blouse and shorts ensemble in the mix, but the metallic threads scattered through the construction of the shorts signal that the style is a practical one and does not infer that the wearer plans on engaging in activity more frivolous than uncorking another bottle of wine. The chiffon blouse in cream white with a flower petal collar speaks to a sense of delicacy, a level of social standing not acquainted with more sloppy or careless attire.

Colors for the daywear are almost entirely neutral, though there are scattered metallic threads throughout several pieces to give them a sense of glitter as they move through the light. Nothing is too flashy, but there is the consistent attention to detail in each of these pieces that one expects in the formal wear. While the styles perhaps skew a bit younger than those who can likely afford these gems, they are, nonetheless, enticing, flattering, and beautiful.

When we look at the gowns, of course, we see Badgely’s definition of glamour. Fabrics change, an incredible amount of beadwork is introduced, bodices fit like bustiers and skirts become incredibly sheer. These are exactly the type of styles that look fantastic on the red carpet and it’s obviously that Badgely is playing to that audience. There’s enough tulle and chiffon here to blanket Beverly Hills. In fact, the tulle may go just a bit too far. There’s one gold-colored gown with a waterfall of tulle coming out right at the navel, and another matching it in the back. There are ruffles of tulle all over various gowns to the point they become distracting, especially from some very lovely floral prints. A bit too much? Perhaps.

Perhaps the continuity factor between the two portions of this collection is the level of luxury they both exude. Badgely Mischka is not an inexpensive brand. Customers are not fresh out of college (for the most part) and are typically not the type of people who bother looking at price tags in the first place.  What matters is how good a person looks when wearing Badgely Mischka and in that regard every piece succeeds.

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison

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