Now accepting submissions: Illustrations inspired by Frankenstein

For the 13th volume of PATTERN magazine, we have partnered with Indiana Humanities to explore the intersection of STEM, Fashion, Art and the creative life.

As part of the partnership, we would like to invite illustrators to submit their interpretation of Frankenstein’s Monster.


There are few works of classic literature that speak so directly to our contemporary world as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Begun in 1816 and published in 1818, the book raises big questions about science and its role in society. In celebration of the book’s bicentennial, the fine folks at Indiana Humanities went all out to create special programming that uses the text to answer questions about how we decipher what’s right and wrong, how we understand ourselves in relation to the world around us, and how we live in the world—questions that are as important today as they were in Mary Shelly’s time.


The assignment is simple: Create your own version of what Frankenstein’s monster* may have looked like. Bonus points if you put a fashionable twist on the monster’s attire. *Ask yourself who may have been the real “monster” in the story.

Submission deadline: February 5, 2018

Technical specifications:
Bleed Size: 10.999 x 14.374
Trim Size: 10.625 x 14
Illustration area: 10.001 x 13.376

Please submit your illustration as a low-res pdf file. Email to Please include a bio or a short blurb telling us a bit about yourself. If your illustration is selected for publication we will request a print-ready pdf.

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