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Want to know if supporting PATTERN is right for you? Here, let us help…

  • Do you like arts, culture and creative expression? We do.
  • Do you like supporting artists and cultivating the creative spirit? We do. A lot.
  • Do you think that small business owners and solopreneurs are the life blood of the economy and could use more support? Yup. Us too.
  • How do feel about getting out of your comfort zone to help you better understand the world around you? Do you like that? We really like this.
  • Do you think that inclusivity and diversity are important?  Yeah, we do too.
  • Do you believe that Indianapolis is awesome and that “the product” far outstrips the brand? We sure do. Working on helping the brand catch up to the product on a daily basis.

Sounds like if you support us, you’ll be investing in all the things that you believe in!

At the heart of PATTERN’s vision is our effort to make Indianapolis an awesome place for creatives to live and work. Thanks to philanthropic support, we can offer events, publish PATTERN magazine, run special programs like St’ArtUp 317 and SUPPLY, as well as offer incredible internship and Fellowship programs.

As a non-profit, PATTERN relies on community support to maintain its programs, staff, and events. Though we have made great strides in helping support and grow the creative talent pipeline and creative economy in Indianapolis, there is still so much we would like to do to continue making our city the best it can be.

Your support will have a direct impact on our city’s future.

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Our magazine is a biannual fashion, art and culture publication with a global reach. It is designed for a creative, sophisticated audience and has won numerous awards and accolades. The magazine is both a showcase of local and regional talent and a vehicle for creative self-expression by those involved in putting it together. It is made all the more impressive given that every issue has been put together by a team of volunteers.


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We are currently in need of:

  • Gently used mac laptops & desktops
  • Color laser printer
  • White tile board
  • Industrial sewing equipment
  • Studio lighting equipment

Corporate Sponsorships

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We’re always looking for reliable people wanting to help make our events a success! Please email if you’d like to get involved.