Sara Facchini, Genny’s creative director, is a working mother of two small children. She needs her work life to exist with her home life and not have to change wardrobes going between the two. So, given that along with her stated desire to create clothes that are “in harmony with every day life,” this may be one of the most impractical collections ever. Beautiful, yes. Wearable by general standards, yes. But appropriate for a working mom? Uhm, no, for one good reason: it’s all white.

Okay, not the entire collection is white. There is some very shiny silver, very shiny gold, very shiny pink, and extremely shiny blue scattered among the collection. There’s only one blue gown, though, so don’t get too terribly excited. The majority of this very lovely spring/summer collection is a color that just doesn’t merge on an every day basis with small children, though. Okay, so she starts with a couple of black polka dot pieces. The foundation color is still white. I’m just going to guess that Mrs. Facchini has a nanny or that her children are old enough to wash their own hands. Mothers of small children don’t wear this much white. Ever.

Without question, this is a very attractive, very elegant, and frequently sensual collection. Suits are very professional in their cut and tailoring making them perfect for business or even an after 5 dinner. The opening jumper is very fun and a bit sexy with its deep plunging neckline. Dresses run from cute little skater styles and A-line skirts to full-length tunics and flowing gowns. Silhouettes lean toward modern, architectural cuts but she keeps enough traditional looks in the collection to provide sufficient alternatives for those whose situation might not embrace the more adventurous designs.

There is a tremendous amount of sparkle to this collection, from crisscrossed sequins to whole looks done in silver and gold lamè. When she turns to more electric modern fabrics at the end of the collection, the result is stunning and the gowns are bright enough to turn heads even in the darkest of rooms. There is also a lovely floral print with the most gentle hint of blush rose adorning the petals. Those don’t come until late in the collection and one might wish she had introduced those earlier.

Facchini has produced another in a string of very attractive and very elegant collections that will undoubtedly speak well to Genny’s core clients. But is this a collection for a working mom whose children’s hands are perpetually covered with something messy and unidentifiable? Not a chance.


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