MFW: ETRO F/W 2014

Coming out of this afternoon’s Etro show, there’s something in me that wants to shave my head, grab a lollipop and ask, “Who loves ya’, baby?” Having been surrounded by paisley and an all-Barry White soundtrack for the past several minutes, it only seems fitting that the late Telly Savalas should be lurking around somewhere, grinning, of course.

That late 1960s vibe is obviously pretty strong this season, but Veronica Etro brings it home with a down-to-earth coolness that is high on comfort, bathed in style, and traced in gold. This is the collection everyone’s bohemian friends will attempt to emulate, assuming most probably can’t afford the $1,500 price tag that Etro pieces typically fetch. So well done is this collection, though, saving up to put some serious money down on these clothes cannot be considered a bad investment.

Veronica brings that hippie vibe back to life with natural fiber clothing that is strong on comfort and durability. In reality, we’re looking at a strong Moroccan influence to the patterns and prints and even some of the fabrics to this collection. Yet, the styling brings one right back to that California casual look that defined a generation 40 years ago, and has seen a strong resurgence among music festival attendees the past three years.

Immediate standouts in this collection are the coats, from patchwork designs, to striped camel hair ponchos and heavy tapestry cloaks and shawls. Sure, the price is going to set one back a bit, but chances are pretty high this is the coat you’ll be wearing for the next 20 winters and not once will you complain about being chilled. These coats are so heavy and so well constructed that, should the worst come to pass, one could practically live huddled under one of these pieces. Yet, for all the endurance, they are incredibly beautiful works of art.

Silhouettes in this collection are very full. Skirts are very long. Shoulders are very rounded. Tops don’t taper. Not once in this entire collection were anyone’s knees showing. For that matter, there were only a few times where we got so much as a glimpse of ankle thanks to some absolutely beautiful suede boots. While the center of some tops are open, such gaps are all narrow and each one is securely fastened at the center.

One nod to contemporary styling is using gold lame and gold thread for accenting. Again, gold is huge in Milan this season, but Ms. Etro uses it carefully. At no point does it become dominant or over power any of the looks. The touches are rather modest and very nicely and intelligently done.

Here is a collection you could almost wear every day throughout fall and winter. The natural earth tones just fit the season and are ready to go with the first hint of temperatures dipping below fifty degrees. There is no point at which this line is inappropriate, no matter where one might go.

Veronica Etro has done a wonderful job of capturing the look of a generation. So, when you go shopping this fall, remember who loves ya’, baby.

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