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Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2015. Photo credit: Yannis Vlamos /

I’m not sure I’ve ever described a women’s ready-to-wear line as cute, but that’s really the only adjective that works for this season’s Dolce & Gabbana collection. Well before the show, we knew that it was going to be dedicated to mothers and expected to see plenty of red roses, which the pair loves anyway, and maybe some crayon-styled prints. What we didn’t expect was for the lights to come up on a stage full of immaculately styled mothers and their children. Then, when models started coming down the runway carrying their own little ones, the extremely celebrity-heavy crowd burst into more awws and sighs than any fashion show ever. EVER.

I won’t even try to speculate on what prompted the designing duo to do such a maternal collection. What matters is that this may be one of the most wearable yet stylish collections they’ve produced in the past three years. The looks are all dresses of modest length, feminine, fitted to some degree, but flattering to a woman’s curves which is important when we’re talking about mothers. There were even styles for the expectant mom included as well! Yes, there was the usual amount of sheer black lace, but this time they were careful to include foundation garments of some form under them. There were no bare nipples anywhere, which was probably a good idea given the number of nursing babies on the set.

Dresses were heavy with applique and exquisitely detailed beadwork. While roses accounted for the vast majority of those embellishments, there were other flowers tossed in on occasion and the word “mamma” figures prominently on several pieces. Capes were the preferred form of outwear, given their ease in donning while holding a small one, and even button down coats were presented with only the top button fastened, something mothers everywhere understand.

Not quite everything was mom practical. Headphones were included with several looks, which wouldn’t be all that strange except for the fact that these were heavily decorated with either fur or over-sized pearls and rhinestones. Given how children like to play with anything that sparkles, probably not the best idea ever. There were also the fur-lined shopping bags, which might work in some boutique markets I suppose, but probably wouldn’t fare well after having the lid come off a bottle of apple juice or some other food-related accident.

No one cared about those relatively minor factors, though. The kids quite literally stole the show. One little girl making her runway debut walked in a matching pink dress holding her mom’s hand. Another little one, dressed in antique lace, squinted hard against the harsh runway lights. On stage, one little boy of about six or so years of age wilted into his mom’s legs, anxious for the whole thing to be over, while a little one sitting on mom’s lap made a teething toy of the belt on mom’s dress. The final looks were silk prints based on children’s drawings. What mom wouldn’t want one of those?

Per Dolce & Gabbana tradition, models changed into all black numbers for the final walk, and the littlest ones led the way, eliciting yet another round of awws and sighs. Score a huge win for the boys on this one; between a soundtrack full of songs about mother and babies on the runway, they couldn’t have done anything to endear themselves more to their core audience of women who have grown up with D&G and are starting their own families. Target marketing done well.

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