Meet Our Spring 2017 Interns!

It’s time to get to know our new minions! Varied in talents, they can’t wait to put them to use as they learn more about Indy’s creative scene, and what it takes to succeed in the hectic whirlwind of a fashion-centric non-profit startup. Their first assignment: interview one another. We are happy to welcome them aboard and learn some fun facts along the way.

Maggie Voss

School: Ball State University

Major: general studies, minor in marketing

All time favorite store: Forever 21. It’s super cheap and their sale rack is amazing. It’s just fast fashion, and I love it.

What’s on your music playlist: Tons of different things. I love Moses Sumney, A.Chal, and Post Malone.

Who is your fashion icon: Rihanna mixed with a little bit of Solange. They can just own whatever they wear.

What’s your guilty pleasure food: Popcorn. My favorite is the caramel and cheddar mix.

First fashion memory you can remember: In middle school I remember these see-through shoes. I could never afford them. I remember going to Walmart and getting them, then I realized people focus a lot on brands. I needed to be creative in the future with what I buy.

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Jenna Drake

School: Anderson University

Major: marketing

Hometown:  Westfield, Indiana

What do you love about living in Indy?

There’s a lot of creative minds and art-infused activities.

How did Indy affect your sense of style?

Indy helped me shape my love for fashion, because I could get inspiration from a diverse group of people.

First fashion memory : I played basketball in high school. After morning practice, everyone would just wear sweatpants for the rest of the day. I didn’t. I would dress up because that allowed me to showcase my personal style.

Favorite place to eat: Yats because it’s different.

Favorite Music Genre: Indie Pop

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Bridget Barbara

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

School: IUPUI

Major: marketing and finance

Recent trip or travel memory:

I traveled to the island of Trinidad with a small group including friends, advisors, and a group of students. There, I spent a week learning about local culture and food, and I also gained inspiration for non-profit involvement back home.

Local food interests:

Being from Cincy, Skyline Chili is a must. Future plans include venturing towards the west side of Indy in search of Mexican and Latin food.

Personal / Internship Goals:
Understanding functions and benefits of non-profit organizations. Use advertising, graphic design, and creative design to showcase personal style on projects.

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Eric Carlson

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Degree: BFA in advertising

Pets: Two little dogs named Huxley and Tiger. One’s a chihuahua and the other is a little white guy.  

What’s he’s watching: If I’m looking for anything comedic, definitely “Bob’s Burgers.” Anything new coming out, there is a remake of “The Wizard of Oz,” but I can’t think of the name (and it may be on Hulu).

Favorite song or artist: DJ Oreo Jones, Action Jackson, Deerhoof, and I just recently saw Jim Gaffigan, lots of local artists too

Your proudest moment: Being able to pay rent every month; you always have to be proud of yourself and stick it out when things go wrong!

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