PATTERN magazine is a luxurious, over-sized, meticulously curated, award-winning, collectible independent biannual fashion, art and culture publication designed for a globally-minded, sophisticated audience. Among the near-infinite world of fashion magazines, PATTERN stands apart by giving a voice and exposure to new and established talent found in America’s Heartland. Colorful fashion editorials, interviews, full page spreads focused on illustration and graphic design, PATTERN magazine has special appeal to discerning readers who love fashion, art and design.

The magazine can be found around Indianapolis and around the globe at Barnes & Noble and in indie bookstores. In Indianapolis, you can also find the magazine at IndyReads, Big Car, & Fountain Square USA.

Vol. 17, The Art of Rebellion Issue launched in April!

(You can buy the newest issue, plus back copies of vol. 6, 13, 14, 15, & 16 online.)


Vol 14 at a glance: