LFW: PPQ S/S 2014

No need to call the police! Everyone made it out of the show alive … I think.

Someone call Elvira; she’s missing the party at PPQ. If Jean-Phillipe Braganza wants women to look for their dark side, PPQ’s creative team Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker have found it. With the hair poofs and dramatically smokey eyes and blood red lips, I felt certain that during the final walk the models were going to suddenly smile, bare their fangs, and decimate the audience.

I’m still involuntarily rubbing my hand on my neck to make sure I’m in one piece.

The show started with a spooky number done in deep purple and black. Walking out from between to brass candelabra, the sheer pieces in the stripped skirt seemed ethereal and mysterious, as though perhaps the model wasn’t quite human. Perhaps, in another setting, the second piece would look quite sporting: a two piece crop top and pants set done in a vivid watercolor floral print … on black. Get used to that print; they’re going to use it a lot.

The mood created definitely effects how one looks at the clothes. Now that my heart rate has returned to a more normal level and I’m looking at stills without the dramatic music, they don’t seem nearly as intimidating and some are even fun. There are dresses with long-trained flamenco skirts. There a short, flirty dresses with halter tops. There’s even a lovely form-fitting purple maxi with spaghetti straps that has tasseled fringe wrapped around it; that sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

But the collection keeps a tight grip on that dark emotion. Purple tulle sprouting from the bottom of a print dress. Yes, THAT print. Black hats with netting over the face, the kind on might wear to a funeral, but with brightly colored little flowers in that netting. The color palette flirts with an emerald green and has great fun with a bright yellow. Yet, even when it finally pulls in white at the very last moment, one doesn’t get any sense of relief.

That’s not blood on your neck, is it?

This is a strong turn from the bright colors and traditional looks of PPQ’s fall/winter ’13 collection. Sadly, one won’t find these delectable pieces in US stores, but they’ll happily take a bite from your credit card via their web site. Just make sure you keep some garlic and a wood stake nearby after it arrives.

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