Jasper Conran’s spring/summer 2015 collection is very much a wardrobe stuffer. By that, I mean this is such a complete collection that one could generally replace everything in their wardrobe with pieces from this collection. Conran’s sporty style perfectly captures the blend of casual and luxury best suited to what one needs both for that every day going-to-work look, dinners out with friends, and even the occasional formal. Along the way, he makes sure one is comfortable, stylish, and never quite boring.

Conran’s silhouettes hint ever so carefully at the late 70s and early 80s, but doesn’t fully embrace the form. Opening looks are almost minimalist with the cleanest of lines a most full of structure. Modified hoodies and sporty jackets are a bit larger than what one might typically expect. Conran keeps the look interesting, though, by gathering the hem on skirts and dresses for these early looks, a style element that prevents them from looking pretentious.

As the collection grows, silhouettes gradually become a bit more fitted and fall neatly into the sets of separates one typically recognizes from a sporty designer such as Conran. Collars are scooped and gentle for the most part, with the exception of a few button down looks. Necklines never plunge, ever. Hem lines play right at the knee or just on either side of it. Waist lines are never too high, never too low.  A handful of strapless dresses are about as “sexy” as the collection ever gets, and even those are still sporty enough to keep the look almost generic.

Were these pieces all the same color, Conran’s collection would get boring rather quickly. Fortunately, there’s color all over the place in a wide selection of prints that run from geometric designs to stripes to, most impressively, paint splashes. This wide array of prints comes with an equally wide palette. Blues seem to dominate, over all, but all the primary colors are well represented as are earth tones. The only color element he seems to have left out is pastels, and I think we’ll thank him for that. Pastels with this collection would almost feel insincere.

Fabrics are, of course, very light and the place where the line takes on a more luxurious tone. There is just the tiniest bit of shimmer to these pieces, especially on the delightful few where he utilizes a sheer print overlay. There is a surprising amount of chiffon in the more formal looks and even the most casual of looks is feather light with a glint of dew.

Shoes are kept flat and quite practical as well. Hair is down and casual and the makeup look is natural and clean. One has little difficulty imagining whole offices filled with looks from this collection without any danger of any two people looking the same.

So get out the credit card, clean out the drawers, and fill your wardrobe with this Jasper Conran collection. With practical and comfortable looks like these, one can be well outfitted for a very long time.

Photo credit: Gio Staiano

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