Indy Welcomes All!

The “Religious Freedom” bill that was recently signed by Governor Pence struck a cord with many Indianapolitans and not in a good way. While the true intent of the bill continues to be a hotly debated topic, one thing is for sure – it has sent an incredibly negative message to the entire nation about Hoosiers. While it goes without saying, we wanted to publicly state that as one of the most diverse organizations in Indianapolis, the Pattern community welcome everyone regardless of religious affiliation, sexual orientation, race, gender, or age.

To those of you who are reading this post and have never been to Indianapolis, please know that our city, while unquestionably conservative in some ways, is also a great supporter of diversity, and many of its citizens, including our ex-Marine, Republican Mayor, do not agree with the bill or its implications for the LGBT community. We will continue fighting to set things right, and ask for your support!


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