How to Buy Gift Lingerie

Written by Brenda Cresswell, founder of Bare Necessities, a UK-based lingerie and swimwear boutique. 

Having owned a lingerie boutique for 20 years, I’ve helped plenty of men struggling to find the perfect bra for their significant other. I suppose a bra is one item of women’s clothing that the majority of men have no reference point for, and it can be very difficult to pick out the perfect size and style of underwear.

To all the ladies reading this, I hope that it can, at the very least, give you some ideas about how to help your SO to take the plunge and get you something a bit different for his next gift.

Know her size

If you check a couple of recently worn bras, you’ll find the size information you need. You’re looking for a letter and a number, with the number referring to the number of inches around the ribs, and the letter indicating the cup size.

Padded versus unpadded

This one is personal preference. If you’re looking to keep your lingerie gift purchase a secret, then it might be tricky to work out which style your S.O. prefers. Though you could see what she tends to have more of. If you’re not worried about secrecy, then it’s best to ask.

Style secrets

Style is always subjective, but there are some general rules that you can follow. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, then you should avoid standard t-shirt bras. I recommend balconette or plunging styles, but if you shop in store you can always ask a staff member what is on trend.

Color trends

For something special, avoid nudes and beiges. Brighter, bolder colours are popular at the moment, with blues, greens and toffees doing particularly well. When it comes to colour, you’re probably safe to be creative based on what you know your S.O.

Something special

A bra alone makes a great gift. But if you want to make it extra special, then add two pairs of matching briefs. Of course, you’ll need to check the size again, but it will be worth it to buy a complete set.

Do it together

The best way to find out what your S.O. likes is to head into a shop with them. Let them show you what styles and colors they prefer, and then head back on your own to pick out something you’ll know they love.

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