Founders’ Celebration

Last Tuesday evening, the IFC Board and Officers hosted a welcome and thank you event for the first fifty paying IFC members, whom we have dubbed “The Founders”. We appreciate all of our enthusiastic fashion community members in whatever way they participate, but we are truly thankful for the paid member list, now well above sixty. They have invested in the idea of what IFC can become.

I’d like to speak a little to what IFC is now, where it came from and what it can become, with a lot of hard work. IFC was only conceived a little over a year ago, in March of 2010. After five months of gestation, I feel like it wasn’t truly born until August of 2010, when we formed the Board and Officers. Our thinking before August was that we (those of us who had been involved since the spring) really wanted to be part of a fashion organization, but we really didn’t want to lead it or have to create it.

What we came to realize is that nobody else was going to step up. Everyone liked to talk about it, but as much work as it was (and continues to be), talk was not going to make it happen. Our hope was to create the organization, make some small and hopefully useful steps forward, and then use the buzz we had created to attract even more experienced business people to help strengthen the organization. Thankfully, this is starting to happen!

For those looking in from the outside, either as one of our many Facebook fans or simply a community member, I encourage you to volunteer your time for a specific event or even for a committee. I know you are impatient to see progress, but progress requires a lot of man hours, and all the active participants on the board and the different committees are being pushed to their limits. We need more help! I firmly believe that future IFC Officers and Board members will come from members who shine as committee members or superstar volunteers. Once you get your feet wet in the organization, and understand the possibilities—I think you’ll be interested in helping it move forward.

…Which brings me full circle to the Founder’s party. It was a wonderful, laid-back gathering with great food and drink! And it was fantastic to see everyone and put names to faces!

Founders: thank you so much for believing in the idea of IFC, and having faith that we can and shall move forward to bring the members bigger and better things. A big thank you to Stitch Sisters , who created the very first IFC logo t-shirts. Thanks also to our swag bag sponsors, Green IlluminationsMicheal Cowherd of MXLN Co jeans, Joi Howard McCreary of Couture Living magazine, L’Histoire De Fayonner of Vero Bellezza Spa,  and Misty Al-Eryani of  Curat-Romania LLC. Everyone loved their swag! Our gratitude also goes to Leslie Turner of LModelz and her lovely models who served as our greeters. And last, but not least, a mountain of gratitude to Christopher West and the folks at Dean Johnson for graciously allowing us the use of their space for the event.

What’s next for IFC? We are continuing our search for a brick and mortar home for our HQ, but meantime we are implementing the Pop Up shop concept (our first one scheduled May 6th), which will allow us to do more of the “showcase, empower and grow” activities on behalf of our members. Did you have fun at our mixer back in January? Well we have another one coming up in May – stay tuned for details! We are also planning our fall. September is going to be huge! Big announcement coming soon! Plus, our first Intern Boot Camp is in the works, scheduled for the 17th of September, which will address the “educate” part of our mission. We are also working on a fundraiser to help raise money for additional educational opportunities for students and professionals in Fashion Arts – we have fantastic guest speakers lined up ready for us to pull the trigger – we just need some dough to make it happen. 🙂

All in all, we have a lot of exciting things in the works! So please stay in touch!

All images courtesy of Marc McCoy.

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  1. says: M Renee

    This evening was pleasurable, and it’s always a great to mingle with industry insiders! Looking forward to many more successful IFC events!

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  2. says: M Renee

    This evening was pleasurable, and it’s always a great to mingle with industry insiders! Looking forward to many more successful IFC events!

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