Bi-annual (Spring & Fall) celebrations of the launch of the newest volume of PATTERN magazine.


Monthly networking & educational events around topics relevant to our community.


An annual popup retail storefront initiative held in May that matches small business owners with underutilized real estate.


An annual direct-to-consumer tradeshow held the first weekend in October for brands that fuse street-leisure, street-art and indie maker culture.

PATTERN was born in 2010 with the mandate to bring together and build up a community of creatives. Since then, we have hosted over 50 meetups connecting and educating people around a wide variety of fashion industry and culture topics from Sustainable Fashion and Costume Design to How to Plan a Successful Fashion Shoot and Cultural Appropriation.

When PATTERN magazine came into existence in Spring of 2012, so did our signature launch events which happen every six months to celebrate the release of our newest issue! Celebration for vol. 16 is scheduled for October 4, 2019. Save the date!

In addition to the meetups and launch parties, in 2016 we launched a mini-tradeshow for lifestyle brands inspired by the fusion of street-leisure, street-art and indie maker culture, called STREETExPO. Renamed SUPPLY in 2019, the event is a magnet for Indy’s independent fashion apparel and accessory brands!

In 2018, we launched St’ArtUp 317 in partnership with Downtown Indy, Inc, a retail popup initiative created to activate empty storefronts while simultaneously offering small business owners a low-cost opportunity to execute a short-term popup to test the market and bring more awareness to their brands. In 2019, the initiative moved over to DevelopIndy with whom we were able to execute another successful season of the initiative.

But that’s not all!! Our track record of creating unique, interactive event experiences has also meant that other organizations have asked us to partner with them on making their events more fun. Want to partner with us on your event? Tell us all about it!