Back in Black

Channel your edgy side and embrace the darkest color in your wardrobe. Wearing all black in the past used to have a bleak stereotype, but the all-black look has made a comeback. No matter your style, you can sport any powerful black ensemble whatever you consider your everyday uniform.

Art Direction, Photography & style: McKenzie Price & Julie Valentine
Model: Christel Richard (independent)

All clothing and accessories are stylists’ own

Disco Queen
This is for the woman who lives a Studio 54 lifestyle and doesn’t mind showing a little skin. Give her faux fur and something tight, she will own the nightclub and everyone’s attention.

IMG_7023 IMG_6978Photos by McKenzie Price

This is for the rock n’ roll woman who dedicates herself to life on the edge. Whether she’s attending a concert or going out for the night, her leather clad look will have you fearing but also loving her.

BB_13 BB_10Photos by Julie Valentine

Boss Lady
This is for the woman who owns the leadership title in and outside of the office. She’s intimidating in her masculine structured blazer, but shows her feminine side with stilettos and chunky jewelry.

BB_19 BB_15Photos by Julie Valentine

This is for the woman who takes simplicity to a new level, rocking creeper-style shoes and sportswear as athleisure. Although her attention is always somewhere else, she’s constantly on the prowl for new trends and mixing them together. Be aware of the creeper, she might look like she doesn’t care, but she’s always one step ahead of you.

IMG_7288 IMG_7332Photos by McKenzie Price

Femme Fatale

This is for the woman who happened to “wake up like this.” Leading a simple and carefree life, she takes her bedroom wardrobe to the streets, wearing undergarments as outerwear. While still being comfortable, she’s put together and turning heads.

BB_20_1 BB_6Photos by Julie Valentine