Zoobilation 2015 Street Style

Man, oh man! Zoobilation! What a night!! Six. Thousand. People. What else is there to say? Oh yeah, the clothing! Well, it was a mixed bag. We saw good, bad and ugly, but we’re thinking we might cut the party revelers a bit of slack seeing as it was 96 degrees and all. The gentlemens’ sock & bowtie game was on point and we were happy to see the ladies in so many different colors. Didn’t love the look of the flip flops on the ladies, but given the amount of walking that’s required to fully appreciate the event, flip flops or sandals were the only practical choice. Flip flops on guys? No way, Jose! No one wants to see them hairy, hobbit feet at a party unless it’s on a beach. Sneakers next time please! Saw a number of ladies in stilettos – hats off to you and also our condolences – those feet must have hurt like hell by the end of the night!

Loved getting a glimpse or two of Crocodile Dundee inspired outfits. Akubra hats are never going out of style and that’s a fact! And neither – hopefully – are animal prints! A little leopard goes with just about anything! 😉

A special shoutout to the gentleman who wore a kilt. Hats off to you sir! Guys, if you have nice legs, you should really give the kilt thing a twirl. We think it’s kinda hot!

Personal style aside, everyone looked like they were having a fantastic time! The Zoo must have had a prayer circle going somewhere because rain and even some reported hail managed to bypass the entire area, and once the sun went down, the evening turned into a perfectly balmy summer night.

Good times!

Images shot by Gabrielle Cheikh and Polina Osherov.



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