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Renegade Shoot: Magnolia

Photographer: Khaila King Stylist: Thailand Burris Model: NiSean of Rune Models

Q + A with Danicia Monet of WLDFLWR

Danicia Monet describes herself as an artist, researcher, urban planner and healing arts practitioner. She has combined her belief in the connection between land...

PATTERN Studio: New Faces

Photographer: Leo Soyfer Stylist: Kaylee Williamson Model: Frank Bentley of Rune Models

PATTERN Studio: New Faces

Photographer: Leo Soyfer Stylist: Thailand Burris Model: Isaiah Strickland of Rune Models

Renegade Shoot: Pretty in Pink

Photographer: Leo Soyfer Creative Director & Stylist: Taylor Felder Assistant Stylists: Kaylee Williamson & Thailand Burris HMUA: Chie Sharp Model: Chrishon Wilson of LModelz

PATTERN Studio: New Faces

Photographer: Leo Soyfer Creative Direction & Styling: Thailand Burris, Taylor Felder, Katie Freeman Model: Eleonora Miller of Rune Models
Christian Navarra.

Stay Tuned: June 2021

Christian Navarra is an Indianapolis-based pop artist specializing in acoustic covers with chill, lo-fi undertones. His cover of “Get You the Moon '' by...

Q+A With Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley

Artist Quincy Owens and science teacher Luke Crawley have a complementary partnership. To the point where in 2020 they created an ornament to commemorate...

Is It Fashion Or Is She Just Skinny?

It’s not just models anymore. Thin has always been the beauty standard and the eating disorder culture that this standard creates is harmful for...

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