Womenswear SS15 Trend Report

Our Spring 2015 Trend Report with Fran Yoshioka at the Society of Salvage was a huge success!

Some takeaways:

ACTIVATION – A huge sport story emerges, especially important for early spring.  Here you can use some brighter primary colors as accents, but keep them lighter and transparent and not so intensely opaque. Use navy and white with khaki and/or grey as a base.  The “Park Avenue Gym” uses active sport details and components to update other sophisticated, non-casual looks for a chic appeal!

–Graphic color blocking

–Techno fabrics—double faced, weatherized, scuba kind of stuff

–Baseball jackets –continue as an item, but add a special touch and make them novel.

CONNECTION – The most important one is understanding our tie to earth and how to draw inspiration from nature’s bounty.  Her beauty is all around us.  In addition to a continuing fascination with landscape art, this trend is about texture and pattern, both raw and earthy and delicate and serene.

–Surface interest mimics the texture found in weathered, parched earth, rippled and grainy sand, irregular wood grains, cracked and streaked surfaces, marbelized effects, dreamy shadows and traces left by nature’s light.  Be inspired by viscous minerals, ores, and the translucent quality of quartz.

–Flowers are part of the landscape and botanicals can be flowery and real, or dried and pressed, and  especially appealing on black grounds.  Think about how you’re going to space the flowers—we love packed garden flowers with no ground showing at all, or clustered, engineered, and cascading.

IMAGINATION –  Conjure up faraway lands and use their dramatic patterns, decoration, and richness but this time interpret them in a softer color palette.  We see mosque tiles, fancy work, opulent dressy fabrics, rich brocades, and sparkly adornment with a more feminine allure.  It’s quite beautiful rather than exotic.

INTUITION – Finding beauty in the simple necessities of life, our need for “Quiet” fashion continues.  While needing to pare down, have less distraction and less fuss, the styles are simple with exquisite fabrics and tailoring, and not dependent on embellishment or lots of pattern.  Use clean simple barely there color,  linen, and circles and simple linework as spiritual inspiration.  Next year we make this comforting simplicity more interesting with new fabric mixes and details.  We know what will look right; we know how to move our design forward; we know how to make our own individual statement.

Check out the pics by Rock Candy photo and a great video of the event by Whonphoto!


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