Spring 2016 Submission Guidelines

We are accepting fashion photography editorial submissions for our Spring 2016 Issue:

Please note, these guidelines are for PHOTOGRAPHERS only. If you are a Midwest designer interested in having your clothing/accessories be considered for an editorial shoot. Please submit your info HERE. If you are a model, you need to contact local fashion photographers directly as they are the ones who select which models to photograph for their submissions.

Submission Requirements:

  1. You must be a photographer with strong ties to or living and working in the Midwest.
  2. Editorial must contain at least 5 different looks (outfits) per model. The clothing should reflect the upcoming season’s trends. As always, the images must convey a cohesive storyline, trend or concept.
  3. Editorial must feature three (3) pieces TOTAL from local designer(s) – not boutiques, but actual designers (clothing, jewelry, hats, shoes) or tailors. Please limit vintage/thrifted/stylist’s own pieces to no more than 3 for the entire shoot. We have a local designer database available for reference, if needed.
  4. Files must be submitted via a Dropbox link to polina@patternindy.com. Submissions will not be accepted in any other format. Folders must be titled: “YOUR NAME, Spring 2016.”
  5. Submitted files must be low res, 1500px @72dpi. Retouch 1 or 2 of your favorite files to reflect the finished look of the images, leave the rest un-retouched.
  6. Please provide four (4) unedited files per look & title images as follows “Look 1, Look 1A, Look 1B, Look 2” etc.
  7. Submission must include a list of crew & shoot details, including all stores/brands/designer clothing & accessories used in the shoot.
  8. Guidelines for proper clothing credits (should be done for each image submitted): Left to right, head to toe (i.e. Model 1, hat, brand, store; dress, brand, store).

Submission deadline is Wednesday, January 6.

Accepted submissions will be notified by January 16.

Some tips to maximize your chances of being selected:

Other things to keep in mind:

If you are accepted for publication, you will receive digital tears of your shoot once the magazine is launched, but not free copies of the magazine. We ask that you support our effort and the expense of publishing the magazine, by purchasing your copies. We thank you for your understanding!