Street Style: Vol. 4

Name: Cory Long

Age: 26

Occupation: Server at 45 Degrees

Describe your style: Individual, unique, day by day.  It depends on various    things  but in the end, it’s always me that makes it what it is that day.

Dream Job: Something in Marketing or Advertising

Oh?: I like to understand colors, concepts, what could catch a persons eye…    I am fascinated with branding and how company’s create themselves.

Style Influences: Johnny Depp

Pieces you can’t live without: Skinny jeans, Vans and a good tie.

What’s on your iPod: That’s a loaded question.  Brand New, NWA, Minus the Bear, like my fashion it depends on my mood.  It defines me for the day.

Where can we find you: Dorman Street, The Alley Cat, 45 Degrees, any where with strong music and a good local crowd.

If you could go anywhere, where would it be: Australia.  Beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery.

What’s something that’s had a positive influence on your life: My sister.  She was adopted from Guatemala.  She puts a smile on my face, she makes me laugh.  The whole adoption process and seeing her grow has been amazing.

How would you like to see Indy grow: People to appreciate what they have.  The town is amazing and beautiful.  You have phenomenal architecture and beauty around every corner.  I’d like to see more people call downtown home, bring these historic places back to their original structure and see people move into the homes that defined Indianapolis to refurbish them.  I want to see people become attracted to Indianapolis, wether it’s out of towners or those that don’t see downtown as living friendly.

How would you like to see Indy change: Stronger action and plans to help the homeless and struggling.  I’d like to see more parks, see the city grow up not out …bring people back to the heart of downtown.  It’s amazing.

What do you like about Indianapolis: Living downtown, working downtown, playing downtown.  It’s neat to network and meet people who have the same vision, the same goal.  You get to interact with people of all walks that have the same vision for Indianapolis.

What does fashion mean to you: It means personality, it means definition.  Having the confidence to be who you are, define who you are and let others see that.

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