Street Style: Vol. 3

Name: Ashley Tucker

Age: 20-something

Job: Staffing Consultant

Dream Job: Owner of an HR  Consulting company.

Self-Description of  Style: Budget Business

Must Have Fashion Item: Rings and jewelry, it polishes  your appearance.

Favorite clothing season: Late  fall and winter, time for tights  and boots!

What attracts you to the opposite sex: Nice watches and finishing touches.

The one beauty item you always have: Cherry Carmex.

One thing you can’t live without: My spirituality.  It’s a mixture of different areas, I draw my peace from different sources but it completes me.

Recommended Read: “The Power of Now.”

You can find me: Rick’s Cafe Boatyard, taking the dogs for a walk or enjoying the peace of Eagle Creek

If you could travel anywhere: Kenya, I’d volunteer at an elephant orphanage.

Who do you see as strong personal influences: Madonna, she did what everyone was afraid to do while always remaining herself.  Also, Oprah for her continuous community outreach.  She also defied the odds and obtained a large amount of power.

Piece of advice for young adults in Indianapolis: “I’m not fashionable, or I don’t consider myself to be an expert on fashion.  I would recommend any young adult to join Rainmakers.”

Favorite quote: “In a world where you can be anything, learn how to be yourself.”