Pattern Workshop

The Backstory

The idea for PATTERN workshop was born back in 2012 when we looked around and realized that there were no places in Indianapolis where creatives, and especially fashion creatives, could gather to network, share resources and get help with their businesses. Meantime, in other parts of the country, makerspaces were really taking off, as was co-working. We started looking for opportunities to test the waters with similar concepts in our own city, and got that opportunity in 2013 when Harrison Center for the Arts invited us to use one of their gallery spaces for a pop-up co-working space – we called the effort The Bindery.

In 2014, we launched the PATTERN store with hopes of creating a hub for fashion professionals through retail. We succeeded temporarily, maintaining the store for a year, then transitioning the space to a workspace and maker co-op which was more in line with our mission and goal of incubating fashion creatives. We moved out of the Mass Ave space at the end of 2016 when our incubator lease agreement came to an end.

We spent 2017 and most of 2018 trying to find a space and funding to support it, that would best match our vision for a PATTERN Workshop. We were not successful.

Fortunately, in June of 2018, we were presented with an opportunity to move into the ground floor of the Buckingham Companies HQ on Meridian St as part of the St’ArtUp317 program pilot. It is our current home as we continue our search for a space that is both functional, affordable and centrally located so that citizens and visitors alike can experience authentic Indy culture in the heart of Indianapolis.

If you own a creative startup or are a freelancer in the creative industries and have been looking for a community space where you have access to resources and a community of like minded people, please complete this quick survey.

Thanks for reading this, and for thinking about ways you could help us!