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January 29, 2011

Wow,  where do I begin?! Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 is right around the corner!! What does that mean? Well aside from the fact I will be averaging three hours of sleep every night for the next three weeks and I will end up having my feet covered in blisters the size of half dollars (not pretty!), this is the most important time of the year in a model’s career. The goal? To book as many shows and be seen as much as possible! You need the press and you need to meet the designers. This gives you the opportunity to book more editorial work, and catalog work which will hopefully lead to campaigns. And that’s where the real money and mainstream exposure is.

Fashion Week this year is scheduled Feb 10-17th. A week before the kick off every day is crammed with as many castings, callbacks, fittings, and occasional makeup/hair/nail tests. Typically, I’ll need to wake up at 6am, sometimes earlier if my call time is 7am considering travel time, subways, and frigid arctic weather temperatures. The only plus about waking up so early in this career is that I really don’t have to get ready, considering how they do hair, makeup, and even mani/pedis before every show. Really all that’s necessary is brushing the pearly whites and a nice shower. And showing up, of course! 🙂

February 2, 2011

I was scheduled to fly on a red eye from Las Vegas after a commercial shoot for Rain Nightclub at the Palms on the 31st, but with the unsafe weather conditions I did not arrive in the Big Apple until now, nearly 3 days later. BIG problem since all the castings are going on right now for fashion week… and I only have 2 days before I have to get on another red eye to Dallas for a day of work for Maxim Magazine at the Superbowl. 5 days,4  planes and 3 different cities!

February 4, 2011

Have to fly to Dallas today; another red eye flight. Fashion Week hasn’t started yet and I’m already exhausted! Someone pass the Mango Rockstar please!?

February 6, 2011

Today was one of my super early days. I had a makeup/hair/nail test for the Richie Rich show along with castings and an agency party to attend. I ended up spending 8…yes …..8 HOURS in the Salon without a break or a meal. Every nail was a different color and my hair had been colored, cut, teased,  pulled, twisted…you name it!  It was a long exhausting day! Thank God for 5 hour energy shots!

February 7, 2011

I have a day and a half between castings so taking advantage of a friend’s private jet, I fly to Vegas to visit my boyfriend…for 6 hours. Crazy, but totally worth it! (Can you say RED EYE?!)

February 8, 2011

Looks like this season for New York Fashion Week I’m confirmed for the Richie Rich, Ann Yee, Logan Neitzel, Sachika, Ivana Helsinki shows, a Warren Tricomi commercial, and as the “Skinny Pepsi Can” launch model. It’s going to be amazing!

February 9, 2011

Just got the news that Ivana Helsinki decided she only wants brunettes this season… mega bummer but it happens in this industry! I was in her show for the spring collection, so hopefully next season she’ll be loving blondes again…unless I’m a brunette then…you never know!

February 10, 2011

Richie Rich was such a fun and crazy show! The outfits ranged from chic to rockstar, and the shoes were all Walter Steiger whom I LOVE, although the particular pair I wore for this show took me literally 15 minutes just to get on, and God knows how long to get off! The things we suffer for beautiful footwear! Richie is notorious for having surprise guests at his show. He’s had everyone from Pamela Anderson to Ellen Degeneres; this year it was JWoww from Jersey Shore.

I was also filming a behind the scenes commercial for the prestigious Warren Tricomi Salon with Edward Tricomi and Joel Warren. It was a complete madhouse backstage with press and camera’s EVERYWHERE which is typical for all the shows…

February 11, 2011

Ann Yee at the Sky Room today! What a cool show it turned out to be!  Ann is a relative newcomer to the NY Fashion scene she launched her first collection in 2009. The collection was all moody grays, purples and blacks. Ann was a delight to work with and she let all the models have a piece from her collection. Love it when they do that! Of course it works out well for everyone – models get amazing clothing and in turn become walking advertisements for the designer. That’s what I call win/win. The only bad thing about this show? The hot pink stain they used on our eyelids. Can. NOT. Get this stuff off!! Argh!

February 12, 2011

Off to Wall Street for the Logan Neitzel Show! Logan was in Project Runway, Season 6 and is making quite a name for himself.

Logan’s style is some serious grunge. Dark colors, neck cuffs with fringes, black leggings, and wrist cuffs. An occasional splash of red made for interesting contrast. They styled our hair all stringy like and hanging in our faces. It was pretty hard to see where I was going, but thankfully no missteps. 🙂 Make-up artist had to work extra hard to cover up my irritated skin from that pink makeup.

I’m pooped though. Going to take it easy tomorrow and maybe try and have a solid meal. A girl can’t live on skinny vanilla lattes (xtra shot) alone!

February 16, 2011

Sachika show today! I love the twins To-Tam and To-Nya from Sachika, they are true dolls. Their clothes are elegant and beautiful and very body conscious. Love their stuff!

Their theme was “The Awakening of the Swan”.  The makeup and hair were Black Swan inspired, and Kat Deluna and Aubrey O’day performed. It definitely got really stressful backstage at this show…for some reason almost all of the shoes were the wrong size. A lot of us ended up having to strut down the runway with two handfuls of stuffing in the front of our shoes! But you know what they say, the show must go on! No one noticed and it was a great show for me to wrap up fashion week with! 🙂

February 17, 2011

And just like that it’s over! Still trying to catch my breath! Every show was very different and great in its own way.  Saw a bunch of celebrities at the shows: Blake Lively, Brooke Shields, Molly Sims, Gabrielle Union, a bunch of Jersey Shore people, and many more….too many to remember! Celebrating the end of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week by having a night on the town! Of course! Heading to LAVO which is THE place to be the last night of Fashion week.

AT LAVO,  Paris Hilton was celebrating her birthday. Security was tight…I guess they didn’t want her cake disappearing like it did in LA?? 😀  So the beautiful Kelly CarringtonMarco Andretti, a few friends, and I spent the evening partying at LAVO dancing the night away!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011 was a total success! It was a wild, exhausting ride to be sure but I feel pretty fortunate! For a small-town Indiana girl with big dreams this is what it’s all about!

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Brittany Mason is from Anderson and represented Indiana at the Miss USA pageant in 2008. She’s been modeling since she was 14, but her career really took off after her Miss Indiana title. She is a full-time fashion model, traveling all over the world working with clients like Maxim, MTV, Jovani, Vigin Air, IZOD and many others. Brittany currently resides in NYC, but visits her friends and family in Indiana as often as she can. To keep up with more behind-the-scenes fashion industry coverage, follow Brittany on Twitter or “like” her Facebook page.

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  • I find it fascinating how poorly models get treated…you make our work shine! It makes me sad to hear you sitting in hair/makeup with no food all day…it’s happened to me as a designer (no time to eat!), but I hate for my lack of planning to affect my models that way. And I know it has on occasion…I’ll try better in the future. And the issue of not being able to get makeup off, or having hair damaged, wrong size shoes…sigh. Fashion is glamorous from the outside but boy it’s tough being in it. Thanks for the insights!

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