PATTERN magazine is a luxurious, over-sized, meticulously curated, award-winning, collectible independent biannual fashion, art and culture publication designed for a globally-minded, sophisticated audience. Among the near-infinite world of fashion magazines, PATTERN stands apart by giving a voice and exposure to new and established talent found in America’s Heartland. Colorful fashion editorials, interviews, full page spreads focused on illustration and graphic design, and a different city focus each issue, PATTERN magazine has special appeal to discerning readers who love fashion and design.

The magazine can be found around Indianapolis and around the globe! Check our stockists listing to see if a newsstand near you carries the most recent issue of PATTERN.

Our 12th issue launched on September 29! (You can buy the new issue, plus back copies of vol. 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 online.)

The UNDER CONSTRUCTION issue of PATTERN Magazine sees the completion of six years in fashion & culture curation while based in the Midwest, bringing together a trend- setting audience that wants to be aesthetically inspired and intellectually provoked. The issue features young & established professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design and functional art, as well as interviews with artists Theaster Gates and Amy Kirchner, legendary architect Richard Meier, and much more. As always, there’s plenty of gorgeous fashion photography, and beautiful graphic design.


Vol 11 at a glance: