Pattern is a luxurious, over-sized, meticulously curated, award-winning, collectible independent biannual fashion, art and culture publication designed for a globally-minded, sophisticated audience. The magazine was created to give a voice and exposure to the talent found in America’s Heartland, but over the last four years has continued to grow its influence and reach well beyond its Midwestern borders.

Our latest issue, Vol.9, introduces some of Indy’s most promising up and coming young talent in music, fashion, tech, social justice and art, and can be found at the Pattern store and around the globe! Check our stockists listing to see if a newsstand near you carries the most recent issue of Pattern.

And production on Vol. 10, celebrating 5 years of Pattern Magazine is underway. The theme is Milestones, and our featured city is Chicago! We’ll be launching the issue in late September in Indy, and early October in Chicago. Stay tuned!

vol.9 cover

Pick up your copy of issue #9 at the Pattern Store, Printtext, and your local Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million stores! (Back copies of vol. 6, 7 & 8 are available at the Pattern store and online.)