Street Style: Vol. 8

Name: Molly Dragoo

Age: 24

Occupation: Chanel Brand Ambassador at Saks Fifth Avenue

Self-Describe your style: Very “Altamira,”  think supermodel’s day off

Who are your fashion influences: Rumi Neely, Sienna Miller, Abby Lee Kershaw  and I have a secret soft spot for post-stylist Nicole Richie

How did you come to Indianapolis: I moved here after two fashion internships in  New York City, I wanted to save money for my next move.  Who knows where that will  be!

Where do you shop the most: H&M

Which fashion trend are you excited to see again: I love the rebirth of the high-waisted trouser with the 1970s, vintage feel!

Favorite trendsetter: The late, great Alexander McQueen.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done: I let my sister put blonde highlight chunks into my hair.  I looked like the female Lance Bass.

Where can we find you in town: Mesh when I’m feeling sassy, Capri when I want to feel more ladylike.

What’s you’re must have hometown food: BUDA’s King Koni Roll!  BUDA is the best sushi in town!

Daily must have: Caffeine.

Favorite quote: “No life is so hard that you can’t make it easier by the way you take it.”  Ellen Glasgow

Tell me about your tattoo: It’s from an e.e.cummings poem, it holds personal meaning for me and some other people in my life.

One piece of fashion advice for Indianapolis: Ladies, a Northface jacket, leggings and Uggs is not an outfit you should be wearing outside of your house.  I promise.

Where is your outfit from: Honestly? It’s about 90% Forever 21.  I’m on a budget until I decide my next big move!

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