Our magazine is a biannual fashion, art and culture publication with a global reach. It is designed for a creative, sophisticated audience and has won numerous awards and accolades. The magazine is both a showcase of local and regional talent and a vehicle for creative self-expression by those involved in putting it together. We just launched our 11th issue! 


In 2013 we played with the idea of coworking and makerspaces via Bindery pop-up. In 2015 we set up our own space on Mass ave as HQ for our team, and also as a maker co-op. Now we’re working on the next iteration of PATTERN workshop. Bigger, better and smarter! Stay tuned!



PATTERN events are educational and social, connecting all creatives, and especially those in fashion and “making”. Since its inception in 2011, PATTERN has hosted over 100 events connecting over 5,000 creatives with opportunities and one another. We rely solely on our dedicated volunteers, who have generously spent over 15,000 hours ensuring the success of our events.


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Stay Tuned: April 2017

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Juicy Fruit

Photography/retouching by Katelin Kinney Makeup by Megan Pratt Model: Emily Nyberg All jewelry designed by Shannon Hedges of Bashful Owl        …

Snake Pit Style

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

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